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Last update 2020-09-20
 The 2007 vintage English   Français   

The 2007 vintage :auxerrois_gans.jpg

The 2007 vintage is very special and original. After a hot spring, the growing cycle of the vines started very early. As a consequence, the flowering took place around May 25. This date, totally exceptional when considering the historical data on the Alsatian vineyard, is another strong illustration of the effects of the global warming on our life. On the other hand the summer months have been the coldest and rainiest over the past 50 years. The vines lost progressively the advance they had in the development so that the vegetative cycle increased to values well above those of a normal year (125 à 130 days in 2007 against 105 in a normal year. We started gently to pick the grapes on September 4th and finished on October 5th. The weather conditions during the harvest have been exceptionally warm (temperatures regularly well above 22°C) and dry, so that we did not have to hurry up and could wait for the perfect maturity of each type of grape and each single vineyard. After the fresh summer with the cool night temperatures which preserved very well the acidity in the grapes the wines present an interesting structure. The long vegetative cycle brought us strong and complex aromatic characters. And finally the warm autumn allowed the grapes to reach the optimum maturity level. With no doubt 2007 will be a wonderful year for those who managed to cope with the totally original conditions of this year.

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