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Sylvaner Nature'S 2009

Fresh, fruity and thirst quenching.

Grape variety Sylvaner
Range Nature'S (organic)
Vintage 2009
Wine character Very dry




Various locations around Ribeauvillé: Oberer Muehlforst, Unter Turnert, Riffenloch, Hagenau, Bergheimer Weg, Gebreit...

Type of soil

The Louis SIPP parcels of land are situated in the geological fracture zone of Ribeauvillé. They constitute a territory which is highly geologically fragmented. They are above areas with hard chalk, clay and marl from the Liassic and Triassic periods, sandstone clay, and calcareous, chalky conglomerates from the Oligocene period. The area is also characterised by silt-laden deposits, originally loessial, and by glacis and sandy alluvium in the valley and on the plain. SYLVANER is for the most part found in light and sandy soils which give a immediate and delicate fruit to the wines.

Certified organic grapes

Started in 2005, our conversion to organic production took a concrete form three years later with the ECOCERT specification. 2009 is our second vintage that guarantees to the consumer wines coming exclusively from grapes in organic farming. The young and fruity wines coming from these grapes are called the "Nature'S", Nature meaning organic and 'S being our signature !

Wine character

It has a pale yellow colour with shimmers of green (typical of a young wine). It is remarkably fruity, has a fine balance on the palate and a delightful vivacity. A delightful and thirst-quenching wine.

Tips for consuming

A dry wine which will make a fine accompaniment to cold entrées: salads, cold meats, crustaceans and shellfish. Alternatively the SYLVANER can be consumed with hot dishes such as: grilled fish, quiches, pies, soufflés and escargots.

To be consumed from today, so as to enjoy its fruits, its freshness and its finesse.

The 2009 vintage

Although budburst on the vines was late, due to severe cold weather during the winter, flowering took place earlier than usual, in early June, thanks to a rapid rise in temperatures during April and May, and went generally well, as did berry set. This advance of two weeks compared to the normal season continued despite a rather damp July. Hot and very sunny August weather ensured ideal conditions to ripen the grapes perfectly. On September 8th, we started harvesting with ideal weather conditions showing low precipitation, hot and sunny days and cool nights. Key factors to set up the harvest plan were of course the maturity of the grapes and their richness in sugar, but this year we focused a lot of attention on the acidity in the grapes which supports the expression of the flavors and constitutes the backbone of the wines. The superb conditions of this vintage, with the ideal combination of precocity, maturity and excellent healthiness of the grapes give us lots of confidence for great wines.


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