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Pinot Gris Trottacker 2010

Deep calcarous lime - Ripe fruits - Wide and fresh.

Grape variety Pinot Gris
Range Single vineyards
Vintage 2010
Wine character Soft




Vines from the TROTTACKER single vineyard located on the eastern part from the Osterberg Grand Cru.

Type of soil

The Louis SIPP parcels of land are situated in the geological fracture zone of Ribeauvillé. They constitute a territory which is geologically highly fragmented. They are above areas with hard chalk, clay and marl from the Liassic and Triassic periods, sandstone clay, and calcareous, chalky conglomerates from the Oligocene period. The area is also characterised by silt-laden deposits, originally loessial, and by glacis and sandy alluvium in the valley and on the plain.
The TROTTACKER single vineyard itself is located on a substarte of deep clays (clayey marls from the Oligocene, from the Tias and the Lias).

Wine character

Yellow color. A very open nose on tropical fruit flavors. The palate is pure, rich and wide with a the typical freshness from the 2010 vintage giving the wine length and life. A pleasure wine.

Tips for consuming

Perfect wine for the aperitif, with fois-gras, smoked fish, exotic dishes and deserts. This Trottacker can also be paired with hard cheese like Gruyère, Beaufort and well made Comté.

Ready for drinking, but will get more complexity on the nose like most of the wines from Ribeauvillé.

2010 a vintage like no other

Despite tough climate conditions during spring and summer we are satisfied by the quality of the grapes that have been harvested. The wines show high levels of freshness and typical expressions. Unfortunately the yields were very low, the lowest since…1985 !
At the end of 2009 extreme temperatures going down to -20°C have been recorded in our region. Young vineyards suffered a lot, especially the Gewurztraminer. Logically, the growing cycle started with a delay of 3 weeks when compared to a normal year. Fresh and rainy conditions followed beginning of May. At the end of this month, high temperatures allowed the vines to recover a part of the delay. The flowering took place around the 20th of June. It was difficult because of the frost we had in winter. Bad weather conditions with low temperatures and rain in some parts of the vineyard did not help either.  In July the hot days allowed to accelerate the maturing process with low risks of development of diseases in the vineyard. As the harvest period approached the controls on the grapes confirmed the good progression of the maturing process but also the high levels of acidity present in the berries. In addition, the consequence of the chaotic climate was the presence of disparate levels of maturities over the vineyard. The retrained management of the vigour of the vines allowed us to preserve the superb sanitary state of the grapes.
During the harvest period, the weather conditions turned to dry and warm days after September 15th. The acidity levels decreased and thanks to the low yields, the sugar content in the grapes increased significantly. The 2010 wines will show an intense fruity character, lots of freshness for a good ageing potential.


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