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 Vineyard, wine makingTraditional harvesting exclusively by hand English   Français   

Before the harvest we take particular care to observe the process of the fruit ripening on the various plots which make up the vineyard. This allow us to harvest at the best possible maturity, according to the specific properties of each patch of land.
All our plots of vines are harvested by hand. In our view this is the only way which exists today to harvest grapes whole, without crushing or damaging them.
Moreover, when conditions are difficult it is possible to sort grapes on the plot, harvesting only fruit which is healthy and ripe.
When harvesting fruit for the late harvest wines ("Vendanges Tardives") and superior grape selection wines ("Sélection de Grains Nobles"), one must take only those grapes which have undergone the sugar concentration process known as "noble rot" ("Pourriture Noble"). Selecting them can only be done by hand. 


The harvest period is becoming more and more stretched out. The aim is to harvest only grapes which are at the right stage of ripeness, and to harvest separately the plots intented for production of specific vintages.
From this point of view 1999 was a record year. The harvest lasted for 6 weeks.

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