Crus et Lieux-Dits


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Chalky marls (Muschelkalk) - Ripe, wide and horizontal

GammeCrus & Lieux-dits
Caractère du vinSec




Muelhlforst, a vineyard of old wines on the hills located south of Ribeauvillé.

Type of soil:

Muehlforst is located in the fractal field of Ribeauvillé. This vineyard stands on a hill between Ribeauvillé and Hunawihr. Deep soils of marl and limestone on a Muschelkalk substrate allow the elaboration of wines with good concentration, wide acid structure on the palate combined with nice fruit.

Certified organic grapes for an enhanced terroir expression:

Started in 2005, our conversion to organic production took a concrete form three years later in 2008 with the ECOCERT certification. Since 2012, all the cellar operations are also covered by the European specification so that we can now speak about organic wines.

Wine character:

Expressive nose with fine fruit. A direct start on the palate, good concentration, wide strucure for a pleasant and racy dry wine. A typical wine of limestone substrate with its caracteristic expression on the palate with a ripe, wide and horiziontal acidity.

Tips for consuming:

Will be a perfect pairing with all the dishes calling for a dry aromatic white wine: Sea food, crustaceans, river fishes, fishes with sauce, scallops, with meat but also mild cheese and goat cheese. It can go with a whole meal.
You will enjoy it as young wine on its fruity caracter, but this terroirs allows nice ageing potention with fine mineral expression.

The 2019 vintage:

This new vintage follows the very generous 2018 vintage which did not always allow the vines to build up reserves. With a dry Autumn 2018 and capricious weather conditions the start of the growth got very heterogeneous. The cold temperature end of April and beginning of May did not improve the situation either and induced very slow growth of the vegetation. Some heavy rains in June, followed by extreme temperatures in July added more stress to the vines.
However, the harvest could start on September 12th and lasted until October 15th. The conditions were not stable at all with hot days and cooler ones. Luckily no heavy precipitations occurred.
Finally, we harvested nice and ripe grapes with great balance.